26 December 2014

These boots are definitely made for walking

Well hello there! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I definitely did and I'm even a bit sad it's already over. But luckily there's still New Year's Eve, which I'm pretty excited about by the way because I have a cool outfit to show you. But let's not get ahead and stick with the  outfit  post. This outfit contains many of my favorites. The boots for example! I own them for about a year now and I literally longed for autumn so I could start wearing them again, haha. They are just too beautiful to hide in the closet. Mostly I decide which pair of shoes I want to wear and from there I build up the rest of the outfit. Today was a chilly day so I chose a long knitted cardigan to wear over my dress. To finish up I stacked some necklaces and rings. You guys know how fond I am of jewelry, but I particularly love beautiful pieces with a history behind it. For example the silver ring on the right hand. I bought it two summers ago when I was on vacation in France. It was so beautiful there and I had a great time. So every time I wear the ring I think of my vacation in France. I bought it in a little hidden shop, the kind you normally would pass by without even looking. Well somehow I ended up in that little shop and saw this amazing ring. The stone even changes from color. The other ring on the right hand was my mum's. My father made it himself and gave it to my mother and now I get to wear it. Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?! You're a true romantic, dad ;) 

Today I also tried a little something with my hair and I quite like the result. One hundred per cent bohemian approved! What do you guys think?

Have a great end and an even better start of the year, bohomantics!

19 December 2014

Party nails

If there is one month of the year to go all the way with glitter, gold and metallics it's defenitely December. Christmas and New Year's Eve are the only holidays when it's totally allowed to go over the top. Enjoy the party season and pull out all the stops! I certainly did with this golden, metallic nail polish from Chanel (with my student budget it's about the only thing I can afford from Chanel :P). The nailpolish is called "Péridot" and honestly they couldn't have chosen a better name. At first sight it seems like your nails are golden, but the color changes in different sorts of light. Depending on how the light falls, the nailpolish has a golden, green or silver color. Peridot is a gemstone variety of forsterite and has that same beautiful intense green, goldish color. It's THE perfect nailpolish to match with your partydress. Whether you combine it with a simple little black dress to spice things up or a glitter sequin dress as a finishing touch.

Happy holidays, Bohomantics!

P.S.: Is it just me or can't you guys stop singing cheesy Christmas songs either? 

18 December 2014

Pack your bags

The holidays are coming, so it's time to pack your bags, baby! In the photo above you see me with the backpack I use for college. But the times when you only could carry a backpack to go to school, are over. And god, how thankful I am for that. I know many of you probably get horrible flashbacks of primary school, but these days there are so many stylish and classy options. Besides, they don't only come in handy for school, but also on vacation. Whether you go for a citytrip, a staycation or a long stay somewhere at the beach, Mr. Backpack is your friend. So like I said, pack your bags and go outside! You've deserved it! Don't know where to begin and which model to pick? Well, I've selected some cool and sophisticated backpacks to help you on your way. These beauties defenitely don't scream primary school.

P.S.: These backpacks score very well under the Christmas tree!

17 December 2014

What's buggin' you?

Hi Bohomantics! I absolutely wanted to show you my new shirt. It has these little colored bugs on it and I just had to buy it. Isn't it adorable? I own the feather earrings for like ages, but I've never worn them up until now. Together with the leopard handbag, they give a fun twist to the outfit. And that's what this outfit was all about: fun! I know it has been a while since I posted an outfit, but I have some cool outfit posts scheduled for you, guys. So defenitely stay tuned!

Photos by Mauri Sylvie Van Coillie

5 December 2014

Life through rose-colored glasses

I think you all know by now I wear glasses. And I don't mean fake hipster ones, no the real stuff. Otherwise I'm as blind as a mole. I'm not even kidding! My eyesight began to worsen about six years ago, so that's when I started wearing glasses and since then I have worn out three different spectacle frames. The ones I'm currently wearing are the red big Prada ones. I never hated wearing them, but I like to alternate between contacts and my 'specs'. There are periods I don't like wearing them anymore and they stay in their case for the whole week (glasses can be such a pain in the ass, especially when it's raining cats and dogs. Why hasn't anyone thought of windscreen wipers ?!) and there are moments I don't take them off anymore. I really see my glasses as an accessory and try to make them part of the outfit I'm wearing. During the years you can see a clear evolution in the frames. I started with a rather discrete one that is actually way to small for my face and ended with a large retro model. For my next frame I want something completely different and also a bit bolder. I made you a collage with some cool numbers to inspire you if your looking for new glasses as well. The green and the tortoise-patterned ones are my favorite.

But before heading to the optician you must keep these things in mind...
  • No matter how beautiful the frame is, if it doesn't fit you face shape, you better opt for another model. Listen to your optician, they are specialists and know what suits you and what not.
  • If you aren't on a strict budget and you are doubting between several frames, don't let you lead by the price. You are going to wear these glasses every single day for a long time and they are a big part of your appearance. 
  • This is a rather personal choice, but I prefer synthetic frames over metal ones. In my opinion synthetic frames are way more comfortable, because they are less heavy, don't have these annoying nose pieces (I actually don't have a clue how you call it, but you get me, right?) that cut your skin and it looks younger. Especially when it's your first frame I would defenitely recommend a synthetic frame.
  • I know all these cool colors are very tempting and if you want a bright colored frame you should defenitely give it a go. But keep in mind that next year the 'it-color' of the season can be so passé. And if you wear a lot of orange, maybe you shouldn't go for the green one. But hey, who am I to dictate you what to choose and what not. Pick whatever you like! These tips are just tips, no rules. Besides, Bohomantics never take the rules that serious...
Have a great weekend! SEE you next time ;)