25 September 2014

Autumn's here

Hi Bohomantics! Today's outfit was all about casual romance. Autumn has officially started and days are getting darker. To bring in some color I wore a pink lace top and my comfy skinny jeans. To keep myself warm I paired it with this oversized coat I bought in France last summer. It's so comfortable and warm and it literally goes with everrrrrything. It defenitely won't be the last time you see this darlin' on the blog. Don't say I didn't warn you ;) It was just another schoolday so I chose a big handbag to carry all my stuff. To complete the romantic look I put on some bright pink lipstick. I'm keeping it a bit short today, because my bed is screaming for my name... Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest. Take care!

All photos were taken by Mauri Sylvie Van Coillie. Thanks a lot, babe!

17 September 2014

Here's to new beginnings

Hi everyone! Right now you are reading my very first blogpost. "Whose?", I hear you think. Well, Laura's; a 19-year-old journalism student with a massive passion for fashion and styling. Wait! Keep on reading, now comes the interesting part. The reason why I started this blog is because of the lack of non-commercial fashion blogs. There are hundreds of personal style bloggers out there, but very few of them are actually showing their OWN personal style. Many successful bloggers become too commercial and write posts commissioned by (clothing) brands. As a result they all look quite the same and not like themselves anymore. The second reason for starting this blog is, well, I just love love looooove fashion and I had to do something with all that love. So here it is: my own style diary. Hopefully I can inspire some of you.
First posts are always a bit crappy, so let's get this over with. I promise I will come up with more exciting stuff. In the meanwhile you can follow me on instagram and pinterest. And don't hesitate to leave a comment. I'll be happy to hear your opinion.
Sweet dreams!